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Astro Multiroom Promotion

Less fighting over the remote, more TV time for everyone.
Multiply your Astro enjoyment with a second decoder at only RM53*/month!

What is Astro Multiroom?

Astro Multiroom is a service that makes it possible for you to watch two different channels in different rooms at the same time. All you need to do is subscribe to a second decoder within the same household.

What do I enjoy?

astro iptv checkWatch Different Channels in Different Rooms
No more fighting over the remote. You can have up to 2 Multiroom subscriptions within the same household.
astro iptv checkWatch All The Shows You Want For Nothing Above RM50 A Month!

If you’re currently subscribed to a package above RM100, you’ll enjoy a second decoder at a flat rate of only RM50 a month! While subscriptions below RM100, pay 50% of the primary subscription price e.g. Value Pack at RM80.00, pays only RM40.00 a month for the second decoder in the same house.

astro iptv checkWatch Shows On-The-Go
Catch shows on-the -go by accessing Astro on the Go and Catch-up TV at no extra cost (worth RM 10.00/month)
Only applicable to subscription above RM100/month.
** The second decoder must be installed at the same registered home address as the 1st decoder.
Terms & Conditions Apply


Foreigner Deposit Reduction

1. Please take note that that the IPTV securities deposit for foreigner has been reduced from RM1000 to RM500.
2. Foreigner Deposit Reduction starts from 1st February 2016

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