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General Questions

Yes, we are the authorized dealer for Astro, Maxis and City Broadband.

We do not charge you when you apply from us.  There is no credit card information required to apply here.  Charges are the same as you apply from the sales counter. * Installation charges are applicable for non-standard installation, payable to contractor/ service provider.

Once we receive application with your completed information, we will process and submit your application to the service provider within 24hrs (business day).  The contractor from the service provider will then contact you for installation appointment.  This normally take 2-7 days.

First, you can apply online, we will get back to you on the same business day.  Email/ fax/ mail us your Photocopy of NRIC/ passport (for foreigners).  When we receive all the information, we will submit your application.

Yes the RM26.50 discount on your broadband package will be reflected in your monthly billing. You must select any one of the Superpacks/Superpack Plus to enjoy this discount.*Price is inclusive of GST.

The contract period is 24 months effective from your installation date.

Your Astro Broadband contract will be renewed for another 24 months effective from the installation date at your new address. T&C apply.


Astro Broadband

All eligible upgrades to Ultra Box via IPTV does not requires a satellite dish for the transmission of our content including 4K UHD channels.

Ultra Box is only offered to new customers and those without contract.

Astro & Broadband:

Astro will transmit its TV content via Direct to Home (DTH) satellite feed while the broadband component serves as a standalone feature that provides internet service in your premise. There is no dependency between your Astro (TV content) and the broadband service. This solution is mainly for landed property (SDU) and East Malaysia.


Internet Protocol TV (IPTV):

This solution transmits the TV content through high speed fibre optic cables, hence it is highly dependent on the broadband connectivity. This solution is mainly for high rise buildings (MDUs) and Peninsular Malaysia.

Astro& Broadband offers Astro content and Maxis high-speed fibre broadband for customers to enjoy the best entertainment through Astro while staying connected with high-speed internet.

With the current Astro & Broadband plans, customers will enjoy substantial savings and rebates by choosing their desired broadband speed from 30Mbps atRM89 all the way to 800Mbps at RM299 to accompany their current Astro packages.

Unfortunately, existing customers who are currently under a contract are not eligible for the Ultra Box upgrade yet.

Should you choose to discontinue the Astro & Broadband services before the expiry of the contract (24 months), you will be subjected to an early termination fee of RM106 (inclusive of Govt. Tax)per month for the remaining months within the contract period.

For existing Astro & Broadband customers, shall you discontinue the Broadband services only and maintain Astro services before the expiry of the contract (24months), you will be subjected to an early termination fee of RM53 (inclusive of Govt. Tax) per month for the remaining months within the contract period. Upon discontinuing of broadband services, customer will be re-contracted again with Astro for a period up to 24 months depending on the box type and package selected.

There is no cancellation fee if you have exceeded the 24 months contract period for Astro & Broadband services.

Yes, you will need to pay additional RM12.50 per remaining contract months per unit on top of the standard RM106/month for the remaining months’ penalty fee, should you terminate the contract within 24months.

No, you do not have to return the mesh WiFi devices, however you will need to pay RM12.50 per remaining contract months per unit as the penalty fee, should you terminate the contract within 24 months.


Plug & Play

Astro’s Plug & Play Box is our latestbox where users can enjoy the latest Astro box simply by connecting it to theTV and internet. There is no longer a need to schedule or pay for an installation.By connecting your Plug & Play Box to home broadband, you will be able todo the following:

  • Watch your channels over the Internet. No more rain fade!
  • Never miss your favourite shows again as you can stream LIVE events from the beginning, or simply pause and resume the program as you wish.
  • Access a library of over 65,000 videos on demand. Catch-up or binge-watch full episodes whenever you like.
  • Access your recordings anytime on TV or the Astro GO app via Cloud Recording.

Other features include pause on TV and continue watching on the Astro GO app, enhanced search capabilities and more.

If you are interested to upgrade your box, you can do so via online as follows:

I. Visit https://www.astroiptv.com.my/apply-astro-broadband/

II. Choose a pack (can be the same existing pack) and proceed

III. Under ‘Installation Method’ choose the Plug & Play option

The minimum internet speed required to stream via Ultra Plug & Play Box is 30Mbps for 4K UHD viewing and 10Mbps for HD viewing. For better streaming experience, we recommend 100Mbps and above.

If you choose to self-install the Plug& Play Box, then no installation fee will be charged. However, there will be an activation fee (please refer to the table below):

If you choose to have an installer to install the Plug & Play Box, then an installation fee will also apply.

For Ultra Plug & Play Box installation, it is recommended that you attempt to self-install by following the installation guide here, but there is an option to request for an installer to install the box at your premise. However, there will be a separate fee for this service request.

The fee is a one-time activation fee that will be charged when you subscribe to the Plug & Play Box.

For self-installation, in your first bill upon activation of your Plug& Play Box, the activation fee will be included as a separate line item in your bill alongside the subscription fee.

If you choose to install the Plug & Play Box via installer, you can pay the installation fee and activation fee directly to the installer upon installation. This will be reflected in your next bill itemised as setup fee.

No additional fees will be charged upon your relocation. However, you are required to notify Astro of your move.

Not all shows/channels will be available on the Plug & Play Box as this depends on contractual rights with specific guidelines on the entitlement of these shows/channels and what you have as a part of your subscription.

  • Customers subscribing to Plug & Play Box with Astro Broadband will not have access to 1 (one) Channel.
  • Customers subscribing to Plug & Play Box without Astro Broadband will not have access to 6 channels based on their subscription (Please refer to full list below)

Please be assured that we are continuously working hard to make more content available on the Plug & Play Box.

If you prefer to have all these channels, we recommend that you choose the Satellite dish option for the Ultra or Ulti Box.

Unavailable channels are as below:

Please take note that radio channels will also be unavailable on your Plug & Play Box.

Alternatively, you can install the free Syok App to access Astro Radio channels (https://syok.my).

Currently, there are no rebates provided when you sign-up for the Ultra Plug & Play Box.

You will receive two separate SMS notifications upon successful sign-up with a delivery tracking number for the Plug & Play Box and the Astro SIM card.

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