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ASTRO IPTV Broadband

Experience broadband speeds up to 30X faster than ADSL or 3G. And with a BOOST of up to 30Mbps, we’re sure you’ll enjoy your unlimited internet downloads.

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*500Mbps and 800Mbps customers will receive a pair of Wifi Mesh for free as part of their monthly subscription (However, customers will be subjected to an additional penalty fee of RM12.50 per remaining contract months per Wifi Mesh unit should the customer terminate the contract within 24 months OR downgrade to a speed below 500 Mbps)


Terms & conditions: 

  1. Cash rebates (RM25 or RM15 X 24 months) will be credited to customer’s active Astro account
  2. Customers who have registered via credit card or debit card are eligible for auto debit rebates (RM5 X 24 months)
  3. All outstanding bills must be settled prior to accepting this offer.
  4. Subject to 24 months contract for both existing Astro customer upgrades and new customers.
  5. Product and campaign are subject to coverage availability.
  6. 90 days access to Sports Pack’s channels preview excludes Special Interest channels such as WWE, Golf Channel, Setanta Sports and Astro Cricket.
  7. All prices exclude Government Tax and are subject to 6% Service Tax if applicable.

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